About us.

Who are we?

A social enterprise that works with a range of trusted suppliers to provide renewable energy solutions, along with the installation of small-scale micro-renewables. All the profits are used to support wildlife and conservation charities in the UK, helping protect biodiversity and habitats adapt to the continuous pressure from climate change.

Products/Services Provided:

Solar Panels

LED Bulbs

Wind Turbines

Ground/Air Source Heat Pumps

Rainwater Harvesting

Partnership with monitoring/ metering organisations & associated carbon footprint reduction technology.

We work conjointly with the Crowberry Consulting team who have over twenty-years of experience in environmental, ethical and corporate responsibility management consultancy. During 2015 we achieved the International Quality Management Standard ISO9001, our policy can be read on the downloads page. We value customer feedback and if you have any questions on our company policies please get in touch!

Meet Our Team

Becky Toal

Becky Toal

Managing Director

Becky has over 20 years experience of delivering environmental solutions to businesses. She holds degrees in Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management. Becky is a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and a Chartered Environmentalist

Mary Toal

Mary Toal

Office Manager

Mary is currently the Office Manager at Crowberry Consulting. She plays a vital role in the day to day running of the business and recently achieved her Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration and Customer Services. Mary is currently working towards her Level 3 in Team Leading with PHX Training.
“This is an exciting opportunity to work with a local company and gain experience in the environmental sector”.

Roberto Cruz

Roberto Cruz

Sustainability Intern.

Roberto is currently completing a PhD in “Embodied Carbon in Construction Materials and Net Carbon Zero” at the University of Liverpool. He has already achieved his MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design and Architecture and his Bachelors degree in Architecture. He is supporting our clients with net carbon zero reports and practices.

Our Charity Work

All of our profits are used to support wildlife and conservation charities in the UK, these include the Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust. These organisations work hard to protect biodiversity and habitats and to adapt to the continuous pressure from climate change.