Window Control Films

Window films are the simple, cost effective way of enhancing the performance of glass.


Advanced Window Films installed onto your existing glazing offer an effective and long lasting solution to many problems including excessive solar heat, glare, energy consumption, fading, privacy, insulation and much more.

Window films are the simple, cost effective way of enhancing the performance of glass. Tried and tested in the market place for decades, Window Films are ideal for countless situations, from the smallest domestic installation to the largest commercial contract.

Energy saving films can provide a rapid payback solution when considering options for carbon mitigation.

Window Films provide,

  •     Solar & UV protection
  •     Energy and Environmental Benefits
  •     Quantifiable financial Benefits
  •     Enhanced Safety  & Security
  •     Electronic Counter Measures Film
  •     Privacy Enhancement
  •     Coolkote and Polycarbonate Solutions


Survey and Installation

All potential projects will require a visit from one of our surveyors to assess your requirements and situation before we recommend a particular solution.

Installation would subsequently be carried out by our highly experienced team.


Solar & UV Protection

Solar films:

  • reject up to 79% of the sun’s energy reducing internal temperatures by up to 10 degrees, whilst still allowing clear vision out of a building. Further more, energy costs can be reduced significantly by the reduced need for air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.
  • can reduce glare by up to 86% reducing the incidence of eye strain for occupants
  • can be used to enhance a buildings appearance with colours to match almost any architectural style or neutrals that remain almost undetectable.
  • block around 99% of UV light significantly reducing the incidence of fading


Security and Safety

Glass is usually the weakest point in any building, vulnerable to burglars and vandals, and even storm damage or terrorism. Tough and tested film creates an invisible barrier holding glass in place, retaining glass within, minimizing the hazard of damage caused by flying glass.

All ECF security window films meet the requirements laid out in GGF Recommendation document section 5, to standards ISO 16933, together with Regulation 14 of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations..EN 12600 defines the standards for upgrading existing glazing

Window Control Films