Energy Saving Window Film


Window Films are one of the most cost effective ways to achieve a solid return on investment and reduced carbon footprint

Window films are a retrofit treatment that can be installed to existing glazing to improve the performance of the glazing system. They can be used to reduce heat gain during summer, heat loss during winter, and glare all year round.

Energy saving window films offer a rapid payback and should be part of any carbon mitigation programme.

Energy Saving Window Film can be used to:

  • Lower heating & cooling costs by up to 30%,
  • Decrease peak demand for summer cooling,
  • Preserve natural light and improve visual comfort by reducing glare
  • Protect people and property against the damaging effects of UV Rays yet maintain the view through the window!

The most advanced window films can effectively upgrade single glazing to double glazing, and double glazing to triple glazing, at a fraction the cost of replacing the whole glazing system.


Window Film is;

  • cost effective, with proven ROI
  • clean and quick to install with a minimum of disruption
  • requires no additional maintenance
  • comes with a 10 year warranty for commercial applications
  • available in a variety of colours to compliment the buildings appearance


Other Window Film Uses and Benefits

  • Solar Control – Improve occupant comfort by reducing heat gain, heat loss and glare
  • Health & Safety – Meet health and safety requirements for glazing safety
  • Privacy – Add privacy to glazing to increase security
  • Fade Reduction – Protect contents against solar damage with fade reduction window films
Energy Saving Window Film