Products & Services

Compliance Systems

We can provide a range of compliance systems for energy and condition monitoring and control.


We are currently looking for providers of taps, shower heads, toilet controls as well as rainwater harvesting systems and hydro turbines. Hydro related products can provide efficiency for your office.

Infrared Heaters

We can provide Infrared Heaters as an efficient and economical alternative to gas, oil and traditional electrical heating systems.


We can provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting including LEDs to help reduce your electricity bill and lower the carbon footprint for your business.

Other Products

We can provide a range of other products such as boilers and consumable items which can improve efficiency and lessen ecological impact within the workplace.

Power Management

Crowberry Energy are able to supply you with a range of power management systems that can be used domestically up to large scale industrial and everywhere in between.


We can provide solar thermal and solar PV for your installation, helping to support your operation in creating your own energy, reducing energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

Window Film

Advanced Window Films installed onto existing glazing offer an effective, long lasting solution to a variety of problems such as heat loss, glare and privacy.