Welcome to the Crowberry Energy website, we are a social enterprise that works with a range of suppliers to provide research and development in the area of renewable energy and the supply and installation of small scale micro-renewables. All of our profits are used to support wildlife and conservation charities in the UK, these include for example various Wildlife Trusts and the Earth Trust. These organisations work hard to protect biodiversity and habitats and to adapt to the continuous pressure from climate change.

Crowberry Energy has selected the best suppliers of solar panels, wind turbines, ground source and air source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting systems. We also have supplier relationships with monitoring and metering organisations to help you measure your carbon foot print, and then provide the technology to reduce this.

Crowberry Energy is an organisation that works closely with Crowberry Consulting an environment, ethics and corporate responsibility management consultancy. The Crowberry Consulting team have over 20 years experience of working with businesses to provide sustainable solutions. We are sure that we can meet your renewable energy requirements and look forward to hearing from you, please complete our contact form for further information or email us at info@crowberryenergy.com

During 2015 we achieved theĀ International Quality Management Standard ISO9001, our policy can be read on the downloads page. We value customer feedback and if you have any questions on our company policies please get in touch!